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AM 07.45 Scarb 2 [U10] WNY Little Lady Selects vs Maitland Ice SharksAM 08.00 Scarb 1 [U10] Northern Hockey vs OHCAM 08.00 Scarb 3 [U10] Flying Pineapples vs Queen BeesAM 08.55 Scarb 2 [U12] WNY Lady Selects Team White vs GO2THEMAX Super 6sAM 09.10 Scarb 3 [U14] Lapeer Hericanes vs NYS HoundsAM 10.05 Scarb 2 [U14] Ponytail Snipers vs Blaze Elite HockeyAM 10.20 Scarb 1 [U14] East Stars vs OHCAM 10.20 Scarb 3 [U12] Ontario Hounds vs GO2THEMAX Super 7sAM 11.25 Scarb 2 [U10] Maitland Ice Sharks vs OHCAM 11.40 Scarb 1 [U10] Flying Pineappes vs Georgian Bay BladesPM 00.1235 Scarb 2 [U14] NYS Hounds vs Ontario TrappersPM 00.1250 Scarb 3 [U12] OHC vs WNY Lady Selects Team White