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am 09.00 OakLower [Minor-C Ch] Waterloo Tigers vs London West Tincapsam 09.00 OakUpper [Minor-D Ch] Georgina Bulldogs vs Belle River Bravesam 11.00 OakLower [Minor-B Ch] Tecumseh Rangers vs Milton Metsam 11.00 OakUpper [Minor-A Ch] Guelph Royals vs Brantford Red Soxpm 01.00 OakLower [Minor-C Ch] Pickering Red Sox vs Waterloo Tigerspm 01.00 OakUpper [Major A Ch] St. Thomas Cardinals vs Niagara Falls Falconspm 03.00 OakLower [Minor-B Ch] St Thomas Cardinals vs Milton Metspm 03.00 OakUpper [Minor-A Ch] Leaside Leafs vs Brantford Red Sox