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am 08.00 BVCC [AT-A] Port Dover vs Georgian Shores 1am 09.05 BVCC [AT-B] NobleKing Knights 1 vs Woodvilleam 10.10 BVCC [PW-A] Burford 2 vs Kincardineam 11.15 BVCC [BT-A] Southwest vs Nickel Centre Orangepm 00.1220 BVCC [BT] Shootout Competition vs Shootout Competitionpm 01.25 BVCC [BT-B] Thamesford vs Sturgeon Lakepm 02.30 BVCC [BT-A] Lambeth White vs Brock Wildpm 03.35 BVCC [AT-A] Georgian Shores 1 vs Woolwich Wildcatspm 04.40 BVCC [AT-B] St. Marys vs NobleKing Knights 1pm 05.45 BVCC [PW-A] St. Marys vs Burford 2pm 06.50 BVCC [PW-B] Nickel Centre White vs Georgian Shorespm 07.55 BVCC [BT-CH] Thamesford vs Georgian Shorespm 09.00 BVCC [BT-CH] Grimsy vs Lambeth White