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am 08.30 Sap-N [IP-Red] IP-Red Kings vs IP-Red Lightningam 08.30 Sap-S [IP-Red] IP-Red Senators vs IP-Red Canucksam 09.00 Fern [Min Novie] Minor Novice Flyers vs Minor Novice Sharksam 09.00 TRANS [Novice] Novice Penguins vs Novice Leafsam 09.30 Sap-N [IP-Red] IP-Red Jets vs IP-Red Flyersam 09.30 Sap-S [IP-Red] IP-Red Sharks vs IP-Red Leafsam 10.00 Fern [Atom Blue] Atom Blue Flyers vs Atom Blue Blackhawksam 10.00 TRANS [Novice] Novice Stars vs Novice Kingsam 10.30 Sap-N [IP-Blue] IP-Blue Capitals vs IP-Blue Avalancheam 10.30 Sap-S [IP-Blue] IP-Blue Whalers vs IP-Blue Flamesam 11.00 TRANS [Atom White] Atom White Hawks vs Atom White Devilsam 11.10 Fern [Atom Blue] Atom Blue Devils vs Atom Blue Lightningam 11.30 Sap-N [IP-White] IP-White Devils vs IP-White Bruinsam 11.30 Sap-S [IP-White] IP-White Stars vs IP-White Penguinspm 00.1210 TRANS [Atom White] Atom White Stars vs Atom White Hurricanespm 00.1230 Sap-N [IP-White] IP-White Canadiens vs IP-White Blackhawkspm 00.1230 Sap-S [IP-White] IP-White Wild vs IP-White Red Wingspm 01.20 TRANS [Bantam] Bantam Lightning vs Bantam Starspm 01.30 SAP [Pee White] Peewee White Predators vs Peewee White Leafspm 02.30 TRANS [Bantam] Bantam Kings vs Bantam Blackhawkspm 02.40 SAP [Pee White] Peewee White Hurricanes vs Peewee White Flyerspm 03.40 TRANS [Bantam] Bantam Leafs vs Bantam Predatorspm 03.50 SAP [Midget Jr] Midget Jr Predators vs Midget Jr Flyerspm 04.50 TRANS [Pee Blue] Peewee Blue Sharks vs Peewee White Leafspm 05.00 SAP [Midget Jr] Midget Jr Leafs vs Midget Jr Kingspm 06.00 TRANS [Pee Blue] Peewee Blue Kings vs Peewee Blue Flyerspm 06.10 SAP [Midget Jr] Midget Jr Blackhawks vs Midget Jr Sharkspm 07.10 TRANS [Midget Sr] Midget Sr Penguins vs Midget Sr Duckspm 08.20 TRANS [Midget Sr] Midget Sr Stars vs Midget Sr Flyers