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am 08.00 LMA [U12-Select] Humber Valley Sharks vs Burlington Bulldogsam 08.15 HANS [U11-BB] Flamborough Sabres vs Brantford 99ersam 08.45 TONY [U11-Select] Sarnia Sting vs East York Bulldogsam 09.15 LMA [U12-BB] Sarnia Sting vs Oakridge Aerosam 09.15 LMA [U12-BB] Sarnia Sting vs Oakridge Aerosam 09.30 HANS [U12-BB] Waterloo Wolves vs London Banditsam 10.00 TONY [U16-BB] Richmond Hill Jaguars vs Aurora Tigersam 10.30 COL [U11-Select] North London vs Humber Valley Sharksam 10.30 LMA [U16-BB] Burlington Bulldogs vs Oakridge Aerosam 10.45 HANS [U16-BB] Toronto East Enders vs Halton Hills Thunderam 11.15 TONY [U16-Select] West Mall Lightning vs Applewood Coyotesam 11.30 COL [U15-Select] Meadowvale Hawks vs Burlington Bulldogs Whiteam 11.45 LMA [U15-Select] East York Bulldogs vs West Hillpm 00.1200 HANS [U14-BB] Erindale Spitfires vs London Banditspm 00.1230 TONY [U12-Select] Humber Valley Sharks vs LPCHA Wildpm 00.1245 COL [U14-BB] Aurora Tigers vs Milton Winterhawks Bluepm 01.00 LMA [U14-Select] Guelph Gryphons vs Waterloo Wolvespm 01.15 HANS [U14-Select] Ancaster Avalanche vs Erindale Spitfirespm 01.45 TONY [U15-BB] King Rebellion vs Oakridge Aerospm 02.00 COL [U13-Select] George Bell Titans vs Leaside Flamespm 02.15 LMA [U13-Select] Meadowvale Hawks vs Burlington Bulldogspm 02.30 HANS [U18-Select] Sarnia Sting vs London Banditspm 03.00 TONY [U15-BB] Applewood Coyotes vs Halton Hills Thunderpm 03.15 COL [U18-BB] Barrie Colts vs George Bell Titanspm 03.30 LMA [U16-Select] Vaughan Rangers Blue vs George Bell Titanspm 03.45 HANS [U18-Select] Vaughan Rangers vs Meadowvale Hawkspm 04.15 TONY [U18-Select] Coronation Bengals vs Victoria Village Whitepm 04.30 COL [U18-BB] North London Nationals vs Caledon Hawks 1pm 04.45 LMA [U15-Select] Applewood Coyotes vs East York Bulldogspm 05.00 HANS [U13-BB] Woodstock Jr Navy Vets vs London Banditspm 05.30 TONY [U16-BB] North London Nationals vs Richmond Hill Jaguarspm 05.45 COL [U15-Select] Burlington Bulldogs White vs West Hillpm 06.00 LMA [U16-BB] Aurora Tigers vs Centre Wellington Fusionpm 06.15 HANS [U13-Select] Burlington Bulldogs vs Meadowvale Hawkspm 06.45 TONY [U11-Select] East York Bulldogs vs Sarnia Stingpm 07.00 COL [U16-BB] Halton Hills Thunder vs Oakridge Aerospm 07.15 LMA [U14-Select] Erindale Spitfires vs Applewood Coyotespm 07.30 HANS [U15-BB] London Bandits vs Applewood Coyotespm 08.00 TONY [U15-BB] King Rebellion vs Guelph Gryphonspm 08.30 LMA [U16-Select] Vaughan Rangers Blue vs West Mall Lightningpm 09.15 TONY [U15-Select] Meadowvale Hawks vs Applewood Coyotes