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TOURNAMENT SPECIAL: Get EVERY photo of your child from this ENTIRE tournament for only $40 or buy as a team for only $250 for ALL your games! Tap the heart icon to add your child's images to your favourites list and then add one image to purchase package ALL IMAGES, ALL GAMES, SINGLE PLAYER. To minimize delays in processing your order please DO NOT tag images where your child is NOT the focal point of the action. Group shots that include your child can be tagged.
am 08.30 DAVIS [U13] Tillsonburg Tornadoes vs Durham Crusadersam 09.30 DAVIS [U13] Elmvale Coyotes vs Paris Wolfpackam 10.30 DAVIS [U13] Penetang Flames vs Delhi Rocketsam 11.30 DAVIS [U13] West Grey Warriors vs Plattsville Ragepm 00.1230 DAVIS [U13] South Kent Lightning vs Ayr Flamespm 01.30 DAVIS [U11] Greater Fort Erie Meteors vs Paris Wolfpackpm 02.00 GURNEY [U11] Dundas Blues vs Hagersville Hawkspm 02.30 DAVIS [U11] Mid Huron Huskies vs Tavistock Titanspm 03.00 GURNEY [U11] Ayr Flames vs Six Nations Blackhawkspm 03.30 DAVIS [U13] Plattsville Rage vs Delhi Rocketspm 04.00 GURNEY [U13] Elmvale Coyotes vs Penetang Flamespm 04.30 DAVIS [U13] Tillsonburg Tornadoes vs Paris Wolfpackpm 05.00 GURNEY [U13] Ayr Flames vs Durham Crusaderspm 05.30 DAVIS [U13] West Grey Warriors vs South Kent Lightningpm 06.00 GURNEY [U11] Hagersville Hawks vs Paris Wolfpackpm 06.30 DAVIS [U11] Greater Fort Erie Meteors vs Dundas Bluespm 07.00 GURNEY [U11] Mid Huron Huskies vs Ayr Flamespm 07.30 DAVIS [U11] Six Nations Blackhawks vs Tavistock Titans

This group will be available through November 29, 2022. Remind me again later