Picture Day Photography | 003 Sunday-[WaterWorks]
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am 08.00 WW2 [MajMosAA] Burlington Bulls vs Waterdown Wolvesam 10.30 WW1 [MajMosAAA] Oakville As vs Peterborough Tigersam 10.30 WW2 [MajMosAA] Waterdown Wolves vs Guelph Royalspm 01.00 WW1 [MajMosAAA] Peterbrough Tigers vs Scarborough Stingerspm 01.00 WW2 [MinMosAAA] London Badgers vs Hamilton Cardinalspm 03.30 WW1 [MinMosAA] London Tecumsehs vs Oakville Aspm 03.30 WW2 [MajMosAA] Whitby Chiefs vs Waterdown Wolvespm 06.00 WW1 [MinMosAAA] London Badgers vs Peterborough Tigers