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am 07.00 ATC-B [U10-AA] Tecumseh Eagles vs Barrie Jr. Coltsam 07.15 ATC-C [U10-AA] West Niagara Flying Aces vs Belle River Canadiansam 07.30 ATC-A [U10-A] St. Thomas Stars vs Southpoint Capitalsam 08.10 ATC-B [U10-A] London Jr. Mustangs vs Erie North Shore Stormam 08.25 ATC-C [U11-AA] Glancaster Bombers vs Sarnia Stingam 08.40 ATC-A [U11-AA] Tecumseh Eagles vs LaSalle Sabresam 09.20 ATC-B [U12-AA] Belle River Canadians vs Stratford Warriorsam 09.35 ATC-C [U12-AA] West Niagara Flying Aces vs Whitby Wildcatsam 09.50 ATC-A [U13-AA] Niagara Falls Flyers vs Windsor Jr. Spitfiresam 10.30 ATC-B [U13-AA] LaSalle Sabres vs Newmarket Renegadesam 10.45 ATC-C [U13-A] Erie North Shore Storm A vs London Jr. Mustangs Purpleam 11.00 ATC-A [U13-A] Oakville Rangers A vs Kincardine Kinucks Aam 11.40 ATC-B [U13-AE] Kent Cobras vs Glancaster Bombersam 11.55 ATC-C [U13-AE] Peterborough Petes vs Caledon Hawkspm 00.1210 ATC-A [U10-AA] Tecumseh Eagles vs Belle River Canadianspm 00.1250 ATC-B [U10-A] London Jr. Mustangs vs Southpoint Capitalspm 01.05 ATC-C [U12-A] Milton Winterhawks vs Waterloo Wolvespm 01.25 ATC-A [U11-AA] Laselle Sabres Vs Lancaster Bomberspm 02.05 ATC-B [U11-A] South Kent Lightning vs Lambeth Lancerspm 02.20 ATC-C [U11-AE] Orangeville Flyers vs Lasalle Sabrespm 02.40 ATC-A [U12-AA] Stratford Warriors vs Whitby Wildcatspm 03.20 ATC-B [U13-A] London Jr. Mustangs vs Oakville Rangerspm 03.25 ATC-C [U13-AE] Glancaster Bombers vs Peterborough petespm 03.55 ATC-A [U13-AA] Windsor Jr Spitfires vs Lasalle Sabres