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am 08.00 ArgA [MA Semi] Kitchener Generals vs London Bandits 13am 08.15 WF-H [Atom-Semi] North London Nationals C4 vs Waterloo Mountain Wolvesam 08.30 WF-CC [Atom-Semi] Waterloo Timber Wolves vs Waterloo Ice Wolvesam 08.45 WF-T [MP-Semi] West London Hawks 35 vs Waterloo Ice Wolvesam 09.15 ArgA [BM-B Semi] Oakville BTR3 vs Oakville BTR1am 09.30 WF-H [MP-Semi] North London Nationals 15 vs Waterloo Mountain Wolvesam 09.45 WF-CC [PW-Semi] Erindale Spitfires 072 vs Kitchener Gladiatorsam 10.00 WF-T [MP-Semi] Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 072 vs London Bandits B6am 10.30 ArgA [BM-Semi] Newmarket Bantam White vs London Bandits B8am 10.45 WF-H [MM-Semi] Kitchener Cowboys vs Waterloo Ice Wolvesam 11.00 WF-CC [MM-Semi] London Bandits 39 vs Waterloo Arctic Wolvesam 11.15 WF-T [MB-Semi] Kitchener Scouts vs Oakridge Aeros 27am 11.30 ArgB [Minor Novi] London Bandits 11 vs Port Credit Storm 023pm 00.1200 WF-H [MB-Semi] London Bandits 27 vs Oakridge Aeros 17pm 00.1215 WF-CC [MT-Semi] London Bandits B9 vs Lefroy Icebreakerspm 00.1230 WF-T [MT-Semi] Barrie Troy Apparel Gold vs Innisfil Winterhawkspm 00.1245 ArgB [Minor Novi] Oakridge Aeros 11 vs West London Hawks 11pm 01.00 ArgA [Minor Novi] North London Nationals 21 vs West London Hawks 21pm 01.15 WF-H [MA-Final] Kitchener Generals vs Waterloo Wild Wolvespm 01.30 WF-CC [Atom-Final] North London Nationals C4 vs Waterloo Timber Wolvespm 02.00 ArgB [Minor Novi] North London Nationals 11 vs West London Hawks 31pm 02.15 ArgA [Minor Novi] London Bandits 31 vs London Bandits 21pm 02.30 WF-H [PW-Final] Lorne Park Clarkson Wild 072 vs Kitchener Gladiatorspm 02.45 WF-CC [BM-B Final]Oakville BTR1 vs Beverley Banditspm 03.15 ArgB [MM-Final] Waterloo Arctic Wolves vs Waterloo Ice Wolvespm 03.45 WF-H [BM-Final] Oakridge Aeros CB vs London Bandits B8pm 04.15 WF-T [MB-Final] Kitchener Scouts vs Oakridge Aeros 17pm 04.30 ArgB [MP Final] West London Hawks 35 vs Waterloo Mountain Wolvespm 04.45 ArgA [MT-Final] North London Nationals B9 vs Oakridge Aeros D9pm 05.00 WF-H [MT-Final]Barrie Troy Apparel Gold vs Lefroy Icebreakers