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am 07.45 SSC1 [NovMin] Ridge Meadows C4 vs Chilliwack C1am 08.30 SSC2 [NovMaj] Chilliwack C2 vs NDMHAam 09.00 SSC1 [NovMaj] Abbotsford C2 vs Ridge Meadows C6am 09.45 SSC2 [NovMin] Langley Fire Hawks vs Ridge Meadows C3am 10.15 SSC1 [NovMaj] Cloverdale Scorpions vs VTMHAam 11.00 SSC2 [NovMin] Seamiahmoo Blades vs Ridge Meadows C5am 11.30 SSC1 [NovMaj] Port Moody Panthers vs Chilliwack C1pm 00.1215 SSC2 [NovMin] Chilliwack C2 vs Ridge Meadows C2pm 00.1245 SSC1 [NovMaj] Abbotsford C2 vs Surrey Thunderpm 01.30 SSC2 [NovMin] Cloverdale Colts vs Seamiahmoo C1pm 02.00 SSC1 [NovMaj] Chilliwack C4 vs NDMHApm 02.45 SSC2 [NovMin] Langley Kings vs Abbotsford Grittyspm 03.15 SSC1 [NovMaj] Abbotsford C1 vs Coquitlam Chiefspm 04.00 SSC2 [NovMin] Langley Flying Thrashers vs Seamiahmoo Bladespm 04.30 SSC1 [NovMaj] Cloverdale Stingers vs Langley Titanspm 05.15 SSC2 [NovMin] Ridge Meadows C5 vs Chilliwack C3pm 05.45 SSC1 [NovMaj] Cloverdale Smith vs Chilliwack C3