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am 08.00 RIM-Lions [U14A-T1] Dorchester Dragons vs West Ottawa - Mackeyam 08.30 RIM-Optimist [U14A-T1] Timmins Tornadoes vs Mitchell Stingersam 09.10 RIM-Lions [U14A-T1] Sault Ste Marie Ice Hawks vs Ottawa Ice - Falconeram 09.40 RIM-Optimist [U14A-T1] Sunderland Stingerz vs Greater Sudburyam 10.20 RIM-Lions [U14A-T1] Forest Xtreme vs Chatham Thunderam 10.50 RIM-Optimist [U14A-T2] Etobicoke Stingers vs Guelph Predatorsam 11.30 RIM-Lions [U19A] Dorchester Dragons vs Markham Stouffville Bearspm 00.1200 RIM-Optimist [U16A] Forest Xtreme vs Guelph Predatorspm 00.1240 RIM-Lions [U19A] Kitchener Wildcats vs Forest Xtremepm 01.50 RIM-Lions [U14A-T2] Ajax Pickering Power vs Waterloo Wildfirepm 03.00 RIM-Lions [U14A-T2] GCRA - Taylor vs Nepean Ravens - Sirenkopm 04.10 RIM-Lions [U16A] Timmins Tornadoes vs Forest Xtremepm 04.30 RIM-Optimist [U16A] Nepean Ravens - White vs Barrie Blizzardpm 05.20 RIM-Lions [U16A] Dorchester Dragons vs GCRA - Medemapm 05.40 RIM-Optimist [U16A] Guelph Predators vs Metcalfe Hornets - Snippepm 06.30 RIM-Lions [U19A] Forest Xtreme vs Metcalfe Hornets - Dubuepm 06.50 RIM-Optimist [U19A] Markham Stouffville Bears vs Guelph Predatorspm 07.40 RIM-Lions [18+A] Oshawa Storm vs Waterloo Wildfire Wolfepm 08.00 RIM-Optimist [U19A] Richmond Hill Lightning vs GCRA - Dearing