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am 08.00 {BLUE} [U10-R] Muskoka vs Oshawaam 08.15 {YELLOW} [U10-R] St. Catherines vs Cambridgeam 08.30 {GREEN} [U10-R] Etobicoke vs Sunderlandam 08.45 {RED} [U10-W] Barrie vs Hamiltonam 09.00 {BLUE} [U10-W] Burlington-B vs Burlington-Gam 09.15 {YELLOW} [U10-B] Caledonia vs Parisam 09.30 {GREEN} [U10-B] Markham vs Whitbyam 09.45 {RED} [U12-R] Cambridge vs Niagara Fallsam 10.00 {BLUE} [U12-R] Sunderland vs Hamiltonam 10.15 {YELLOW} [U12-B] Richmond Hill vs Whitbyam 10.30 {GREEN} [U12-W] Newmarket vs Etobicokeam 10.45 {RED} [U12-W] Caledonia vs St. Catharinesam 11.00 {BLUE} [U12-AW] Oshawa vs Cambridgeam 11.15 {YELLOW} [U12-B] Burlington vs Parisam 11.30 {GREEN} [U12-AR] Dorchester vs Whitbyam 11.45 {RED} [U12-AR] Burlington vs Richmond Hillpm 00.1200 {BLUE} [U14-W] St. Catharines vs Niagara Fallspm 00.1215 {YELLOW} [U10-R] Cambridge vs Muskokapm 00.1230 {GREEN} [U12-AR] Barrie vs Sunderlandpm 00.1245 {RED} [U10-R] Etobicoke vs Oshawapm 01.00 {BLUE} [U14-B] Barrie vs Etobicokepm 01.15 {YELLOW} [U10-R] Sunderland vs St. Catharinespm 01.30 {GREEN} [U19-B] Newmarket vs Sunderlandpm 01.45 {RED} [U14-B] Burlington vs Ajaxpm 02.00 {BLUE} [U10-W] Hamilton vs Burlington-Bpm 02.15 {YELLOW} [U10-W] Barrie vs Burlington-Gpm 02.30 {GREEN} [U14-W] Oshawa vs Hamilton-Rpm 02.45 {RED} [U14-R] Newmarket vs Hamilton-Ppm 03.00 {BLUE} [U12-W] Etobicoke vs Caledoniapm 03.15 {YELLOW} [U12-R] Ajax vs Sunderlandpm 03.30 {GREEN} [U14-R] Markham vs Parispm 03.45 {RED} [U12-R] Hamilton vs Cambridgepm 04.00 {BLUE} [U16-R] Cambridge vs Niagara Fallspm 04.15 {YELLOW} [U10-B] Markham vs Caledoniapm 04.30 {GREEN} [U12-AR] Richmond Hill vs Barriepm 04.45 {RED} [U12-AR] Burlington vs Whitbypm 05.00 {BLUE} [U19-R] Caledonia vs Niagara Fallspm 05.15 {YELLOW} [U12-AW] Timmins vs Sault St Mariepm 05.30 {GREEN} [U19-B] Paris vs Newmarketpm 05.45 {RED} [U12-B] Whitby vs Burlingtonpm 06.15 {YELLOW} [U16-W] Etobicoke vs Hamiltonpm 06.45 {RED} [U16-R] Burlington vs Caledonia

This group will be available through May 16, 2022. Remind me again later