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am 10.00 CAR-A [U9-MD-T2] Oakridge Aeros vs Wallaceburg Lakersam 10.30 CAR-B [U8-MD] New Hamburg Huskies vs Cambridge Hawksam 11.00 CAR-A [U8-MD] Oakridge Aeros vs Kitchen Jr. Rangers Whiteam 11.30 CAR-B [U8-MD] Hamilton Huskies vs North London Nationalspm 00.1200 CAR-A [U8-MD] Brantford 99ers vs Burlington Eagles Goldpm 01.00 CAR-A [U8-MD] North Durham Warriors vs Flamborough Sabrespm 02.30 CAR-B [U9-MD-T2] North London Nationals vs Hamilton Huskies Whitepm 03.00 CAR-A [U9-MD-T1] Kitchener Jr. Rangers Red vs Cumberland Jr. Gradspm 03.30 CAR-B [U9-MD-T1] Sarnia Jr. Sting vs North London Nationalspm 04.00 CAR-A [U8-MD] West London Hawks vs Ted Reeve Tornadoespm 04.30 CAR-B [U9-MD-T1] Cambridge Hawks vs Whitby Wildcats Bluepm 05.00 CAR-A [U8-MD] Hamilton Huskies vs North Durham Warriorspm 05.30 CAR-B [U8-MD] Flamborough Sabres vs Burlington Eagles Goldpm 06.00 CAR-A [U9-MD-T1] Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs vs Waterloo Wolves Goldpm 06.30 CAR-B [U9-MD-T1] Milton Winterhawks vs Burlington Eaglespm 07.00 CAR-A [U9-MD-T1] Hamilton Huskies Red vs Milton Winterhawks 2pm 07.30 CAR-B [U9-MD-T2] Waterloo Wolves Black vs Kitchener Jr. Rangers Bluepm 08.00 CAR-A [U15-MD] Brantford 99ers vs Oakville Rangerspm 08.30 CAR-B [U12-MD] London Bandits vs Caledon Hawkspm 09.00 CAR-A [U16-MD] Hamilton Huskies vs Aurora Tigerspm 09.30 CAR-B [U16-MD] Waterloo Wolves vs Halton Hills Thunder

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